Best Majors and Degrees in Banking and Finance

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Business Administration

Business administration majors help students develop skills in business management, finance, marketing, accounting, human resource management, and organizational behavior. Students learn how to manage a company’s finances, create budgets, and plan strategies to increase sales.


Accounting majors prepare students to work in public accounting firms, private companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Students learn about financial statements, taxes, auditing, and bookkeeping.


Economics majors study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Students learn about supply and demand, money, banking, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, and international trade.


Finance majors teach students how to analyze businesses’ financial information to make investment decisions. Students learn about risk management, securities analysis, corporate governance, and capital markets.


Management majors teach students how to run a business efficiently. Students learn about leadership, strategy, operations, and technology.


Marketing majors teach students how to market products and services effectively. Students learn about advertising, branding, consumer psychology, and social media.

Real Estate

Real estate majors teach students how to buy, sell, and rent real property. Students learn about mortgages, zoning laws, construction, and land use.