With regards to the fast train that will go from Paris to Berlin in under one hour

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How can you go by rail from Paris to Berlin in one hour without taking a plane?

It could seem impossible to you.

Nothing is impossible when science and technological design are this sophisticated.

The Spanish hyperloop startup Zeleros believes it will be able to travel from Paris to Berlin in under an hour using pressurized pods that can carry up to 200 passengers at 1,000 kilometers per hour.

The building of a high-speed rail line, which will be the future of the medium-distance transportation industry, together with the cooperation of the Spanish enterprise with governments, investment institutions, and other parties are suggested.

According to him, the concept is based on the creation of international high-speed trains that travel in uniquely created “capsules” or “pods.”

He claimed that faster long-distance travel is necessary for today’s population.

While hyperloops can travel at speeds that are on par with air travel, they do not suffer from the negative effects of air travel, such as high energy costs and environmental pollution.

Zeleros is seeking for new project routes that it can use to implement and transport significant numbers of people and products. and to lessen the utilization of traditional transportation methods

We’re searching for fresh approaches to lessen environmental contamination.

Additionally, he added, the system will become entirely electric.

Future proposals by Zeleros might result in the construction of a network connecting all major cities, not simply those along the Paris-Berlin route.

Their plans call for Paris-Barcelona Among them, he claimed, are routes like San Francisco-Los Angeles.